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Zigs Edu’Tech-Tainment is an one-stop nonprofit organization that provides an array of educational, employment, training and mentoring services based around technology in office applications, web design & development, professional graphics design, multimedia and animation, augmented reality, mixed reality, virtual reality, search engine optimization, hardware and software, networking, real-estate, auto mechanic, entertainment, public safety, AutoCAD and many other courses.
We also offer a Tech based training facility. 

There Is A Crisis In Black Education And We’re

“Bridging That Technology Gap”


COURSES We teach Youths & Teens how to become innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs. Showing them how to build their bridge early.

     TECH L.I.F.E.

T.L. is an Tech Based Arcade for learning. Where you learn by having fun by using gaming tools such as VR, MR, AR, IMMERSIVE VR AND STIMULAOTRS. 

Virtual Courses

Anytime, anywhere | Learn on your schedule from any device, your own pace. 1 on 1 or in a group.