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Zigs Nation Digital Network is the first ever African-American digital network that amalgamates the digital content structure to form  • Entertainment  • Technology  • Education unit for students
Our company’s core objective is to provide children or families a digital-based audio and video platform that consists of demand live streaming and audio channels. The company has made available exclusive content displayed on the various devices and platforms that have partnered directly with us to make our operation seamless.

Our Vision 

Our Vision statement is to be distinguished leader in the digital or product retail industry.

We look to be a world class firm with the most knowledgeable ICT Specialist (Information Communication Technology) in the industry to guide the clientele on our products and services.

Continuously innovating to set new standards for the rest of our industry globally. 

Our Mission

Our Mission statement is to serve our customers with honesty, integrity and competence.

Our goal is to provide digital content to our kids and products to help them overcome roadblocks that can arise while securing life skills outside wall classrooms.

Problem Worth Solving

There is a Digital Learning & Tech
Career Gap, which comes from students
in lower income based communities not
able to afford the technology tools
needed to learn on nor have access to
them even in school.

Our Solution

We aim to bridge the digital divide by
offering the tools and equipment access to the communities of the lower income, we also offer tech based products for learning and using to communicate in safe ways. To
close the gap we have to introduce them to tech at early ages.


Gaming Headsets, Gaming Controllers,
SmartTV Box, AR Gaming App, AR PUZZLES, Cellular Service, Mobile Phones, and Tablet, 4G
G.P.S. Smart Watches Pet G.P.S. Trackers, Mini-PC, Digital Downloads, Mobile Caster, Virtual/Augmented Reality apps.

The Creative Team Of H.O.P.E.

Yes! We are a great team, however we are more like family! On and Off the clock we are still working together to produce greatness as one. ZNDN Media wouldn’t be what it is today without these great minds and experience’s.